The 64 oz. Dual Water Pitcher, Regular, cleans up to 150 gallons of great tasting filtered water for drinking, cooking, plants and pets. Protect your family with the most advanced portable water filtration system available. Put in your fridge or leave it on your counter for easy access.

The Family Water Pitcher is ideal for any water that is non-turbid and non-stagnant. It removes up to 99.99% of contaminants and pollutants found in fresh water supplies including Aesthetics such as chlorine, Sediment and dirt; Chemicals (VOC's) such as DDT, MTBE, Benzene, Chloroforms (THM's); Dissolved Solids (heavy metals) such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Copper, Zinc, and Aluminum. Removes up to 90% of fluoride.

Key Features:

  • Produces up to 150 Gallons of drinking water
  • Replaceable Regular Filters
  • 8 Cup Capacity (1 Gallon)
  • Light weight, and easy to use
  • Retains beneficial trace minerals
  • Fits in most refrigerators.
  • Designed to be used with private wells, rivers, or streams.

Since it is more open in porosity, it does not remove giardia, cryptosporidium or e-coli. It is designed to be used as a drinking water filter for use with chlorinated municipal water and as a bottled water replacement. (Not to be used with salt water.)

Seychelle REGULAR Filters are tested to remove up to 99.99% of the following zones of contamination:

Aesthetic contaminants: Unpleasant taste, odors, cloudiness, silt and chlorine

Chemical contaminants: VOC’s, toxic chemicals, trihalomethanes, PFOA, PFOS, PCB’s, glyphosate, herbicides, detergents, pesticides (DDT), benzene, atrazine and many more

Inorganic contaminants: Heavy metals, aluminum, asbestos, cadmium, chromium 6, copper, arsenic, nitrates & nitrites, lead, mercury and up to 90% fluoride

Radiological contaminants: Radon 222

64 oz. Family Water Pitcher

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