Monthly subscription to the Linux for Beginners class. Highly recommended for anyone who as purchased one of our Ghost Laptops.

Linux for Beginners

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Take back control of your digital life!

The Linux for Beginners class is a continuous revolving class offered by on a monthly subscription basis. You subscribe for as long as you wish and may unsubscribe at any time. The classes are live ever Saturday at 5:00pm EST and available to view online through the learning management system.

In this class Jeffery Peterson, along with his sidekick Shane Cooper, walk you through various aspects of the Linux operating system, touching on the various distributions or "flavors" of Linux and many of the open source software options available. You will learn how to install Linux, become familiar with the the Linux command line, navigate the file structure and how verify and control processes and services running on your machine. You will learn the granular power you can have when you know and understand the Linux operating system and open source technologies. It is the secrets that Big Tech and the power hungry elites do not want you to know.

What you learn in this class will enable you to kick Microsoft out of your life for good! Regain your digital sovereignty! Start the removal of Big Tech out of your life today!

We highly recommend this course to anyone how has purchased one of our ghost laptops.

Use this link JEFF.PRO/MARK37 and get your first month for $1.00. This will be renewed monthly at $20.00 per month until cancellation. Your subscription may be canceled by emailing