MARK37 will permanently de-Google your phone. CLICK to read further details before purchasing.

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MARK37 will quickly and permanently de-Google your phone, as a service, giving you privacy, security, full control of your data and peace of mind.


For a flat fee of only $150, our technicians will receive your Pixel phone and proceed to completely de-google it. We will ensure all of Google's services, apps and functionalities are completely removed from the device, leaving it to operate without any ties to the tech giant.

We guarantee that at the end of the process, your device will be fully de-googled with your files, contacts, text messages and phone logs transferred. Users can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their privacy is completely respected. Don't wait any further and reclaim your phone now!

Unfortunately, the most secure and private mobile open source operating systems that we trust (GrapheneOS and CalyxOS) are only supported on Pixel devices. As such this service is only available for those using Pixel devices that are confirmed to be OEM unlockable which allows for a different operating system (other than Google Android) to be installed.

Read in the Questions section below on how to check if your device is OEM unlockable.

Open Source operating systems we can install for you are:

-GrapheneOS (recommended)



OEM unlocking needs to be enabled from within the operating system.

Enable the developer options menu by going to Settings ➔ About phone and repeatedly pressing the build number menu entry until developer mode is enabled.

Next, go to Settings ➔ System ➔ Developer options and toggle on the 'OEM unlocking' setting. On device model variants (SKUs) which support being sold as locked devices by carriers, enabling 'OEM unlocking' requires internet access so that the stock OS can check if the device was sold as locked by a carrier.

If the 'OEM unlocking' toggle is grey and will not switch on, unfortunately your phone is incapable of being De-Googled and we can not help you De-Google your phone :(

For the Pixel 6a, OEM unlocking won't work with the version of the stock OS from the factory. You need to update it to the June 2022 release or later via an over-the-air update. After you've updated it you'll also need to factory reset the device to fix OEM unlocking.

There are a variety of different open source mobile operating systems that can be installed on phones, if the phone itself is OEM unlockable, as noted in the question above. The specific operating systems we are comfortable installing are:

GrapheneOS and CalyxOS are only supported on Pixel devices and specifically we recommend installing on Pixel version 3 or higher devices.

There is another open source mobile operating system, LineageOS which has a wide assortment of phones that are supported which can be found through the link here -> We, however, do not recommend or support the use of LineageOS because it still relies heavily on Google Play Services to operate which defeats the purpose of de-googling your device in the first place.