Digital Privacy Bootcamp - Denver, CO Event

Ever get the feeling your devices are listening to your conversations and tracking you without your consent? Unfortunately, they are and they have been for a VERY long time.

Are you tired of giving money to Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and other woke BigTech companies who support candidates and causes that are diametrically opposed to your own values?

It does not have to be this way and it is time YOU and WE put an end to this paradigm. NO MORE EXCUSES! YOU AND YOUR DATA DESERVE BETTER!

Learn how to #BoycottBigTech!


"Saying that digital privacy doesn’t matter because you have nothing to hide is like saying freedom of speech doesn’t matter because you have nothing to say."


  • How, specifically, BigTech Monetizes and Spies on you
  • The difference between "Closed Source" and "Open Source"
  • The difference between "Centralized" and "Decentralized"
  • How to use an open source mobile device and applications
  • How to use an open source laptop and applications
  • Readily available replacements for O365 and Google Apps
  • What other technologies exist that we could use for local/regional decentralized communications
  • Various degrees of digital security (How secure do you NEED to be?)

Your Trainer - Sean Patrick Tario / CEO, MARK37.COM

Event is FREE.

Donations Accepted.


Dec. 10, 2023 noon to 6 p.m.


INTRINSIC COLLECTIVE EVENTS / 922 Washington Ave., Golden, CO (park across the street)