EMF and 5G: Current Realities and Mitigations

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) are everywhere and growing in intensity with no end in sight. The telecommunications industry, mobile device and IOT manufacturers and our own government have, not surprisingly, been aware of the harmful affects these frequencies and devices cause to all living organisms and have remained silent for decades while ensuring their legal, lobbyist and media forces protect their interests.

Over this hour long conversation, Max Random and I discuss the current paradigm reality we live in as it relates to these EMFs and growing 5G push. We also, more importantly, cover various ways we can test, mitigate, protect and in some cases reverse the affects that long term exposure to such radiation has caused.

For links to some of the articles, publications and videos mentioned during the conversation please go to https://truthinlove.substack.com/p/emf-and-5g-current-realities-and.