Freedom > Slavery

Why I Fight and Why You Should Too

These past few years have been trying times for almost everyone in many different ways. Despite how hard things have been, I believe Americans are now starting to come to terms with what exactly Thomas Jefferson meant when he penned the now famous phrase,

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”.

Would “dangerous freedom” amount to risking your career to prevent yourself and your family from being injected by an experimental drug with no long term studies performed re: its efficacy or details re: short or long term side affects?

Would “dangerous freedom” amount to standing up to teachers or your school board who have quietly been introducing curriculum to your children that you, and most parents, find offensive, inappropriate and illogical?

Would “dangerous freedom” equate to questioning the outcome of an election due to an overwhelming number of data points that support such questioning, despite your political party leadership threatening to blackball you from future financial support?

Would “dangerous freedom” be deciding to change your job or career because you can no longer support the campaigns and causes that your company promotes and tries to force and coerce you to promote as well?

Would “dangerous freedom” be sharing researched data and opinions that conflict with the narratives being propagated by the government and controlled media, knowing that by doing so you may risk being de-platformed, losing your job or having the FBI come knocking on your door?

Would “peaceful slavery” be simply doing what your are told by your employer or the government for fear of losing your job, being questioned by your peers, losing friends or being thrown in jail?

Would “peaceful slavery” be ignoring what is going on in the world around you so that you can kick back and enjoy another few hours binge-watching your favorite program?

Around the world it has most certainly been dangerous and risky for those who prefer freedom and liberty and who are unafraid of fighting on the front lines to protect and defend freedom and liberty.

Personally, I believe we are at an inflection point where we must all make the choice between,

  • living our lives as slaves to a system we know does not have our best interests at heart or
  • making changes in how we spend our time and money that may appear, at the onset, to be risky and dangerous simply because it requires a leap of faith we may have never had to take before.

In fact, I believe our fate as a nation, and as a species, hinges on how many of us consciously choose to be free over the coming months. This requires an understanding of the systems that operate around us and the ethos that drives these systems, as one can not choose freedom from slavery if one is unaware that he/she is a slave to begin with. It requires an understanding that nothing was “normal” before Covid and that most Americans were simply too comfortable to realize how corrupt our world actually is. If you ask me, being a debt-tax slave who is systematically poisoned and lied to since birth by entities who profit off keeping you sick, dumb and distracted is far from “normal”.