SAR Values and Radiation Levels in Smart Phones

Not surprisingly, it is rather difficult to find the radiation levels in various popular mobile phones. As such, we wanted to put together a quick listing of these "SAR Values" for some of the most popular phones in the market, as well as our own Ghost Phones, while providing some related information and needed context to keep you informed and armed to speak intelligently on this topic.

What is a "SAR Value"?

The Specific Absorption Rate of Radiation (SAR value) is a measure of the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. The FCC's permissible limit for public exposure from cell phones is a SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram of bodyweight, and phones with SAR values below this level are considered “safe”. This value varies from device to device and depends heavily on the geometry of the part of the body that is exposed to the Radio Frequency energy and on the exact location and geometry of the Radio Frequency source.

For what it's worth, we don't trust for a second what the FCC deems "safe" on this topic given the revolving door that exists between the Telecom leadership and the FCC leadership. Money talks, and the exact same dynamic exists in this industry that we've seen play out with the FDA <-> Tobacco industry and WHO/CDC/NIH <-> BigPharma industry.

SAR Values for Popular Mobile Phones

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Are there really "safe" levels of radiation for these devices?

Although we were relieved to see that the SAR values for Pixel devices (which are what we use for our Ghost Phones) are much lower than those in some of the most popular iPhones and other non-Apple devices, there really is no "safe" level of radiation in any of these phones. This is especially the case when facing prolonged exposure, which most of us are exposed to when we keep them in our pockets, in front of our faces, or held to our ear while on calls.

One of the easiest ways to know just how bad all of this radiation is to our health is to look at those who are responsible for insuring the major telecommunication companies;

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In short, these companies, and even our FCC, all know that the radiation emitted from the towers and devices are a major health risk and, as such, massive funds have been set aside to cover related legal fees and court cases that have and will continue to arise.

What's even worse, as shown in the image below, far too many adults are sitting their kids in front of tablets and smart phones completely oblivious to the harm this radiation exposure is doing to their children!


The short answer is no, it does not. The "5G" in the name is primarily there for marketing purposes because the PR departments have done their job and trained people to think that they need 5G or that 5G is "better" than non-5G somehow.

A phone with 5G in its name is thus no different than the vast majority of the other iPhones, Samsung or Pixel devices that simply do not have 5G in the name but are 5G capable.

Nearly all phones manufactured over the past 5-7 years have the ability to receive 5G signals. The definition of what 5G actually is, and is not, has been confused greatly by the carriers and the media however. The scary bad 5G technology we definitely should be concerned and afraid of is only deployed in a few major cities across the US right now, costs A LOT to deploy, and is simply not needed for 99% of the country. When carriers speak to their "Nationwide 5G Coverage" they are primarily referring to a re-branded Multi-point 4G LTE service that sends data to your phone from multiple towers vs a single tower.

For more details on exactly what 5G is, and is not, I recommend reading THIS POST ON THE TOPIC and exploring the links within.

Are there any "safe" smart phones for those sensitive to radiation?

If you are truly sensitive to EMF radiation from mobile phones, tablets and related devices that send and receive these signals, there's honestly no good solution that will "eliminate" the radiation sent and received from smart phones. Flip phones are an option, but even they have SAR values, albeit much lower than smart phones.

Simply put, if your body is allergic to salt water, you stay away from salt water and if your body is having adverse reactions to the radiation around it, you should get yourself as far away from the radiation as possible.

It is also important to understand that the bulk of the radiation we are exposed to is all around us, regardless of the phones we carry with or near us during the day. This comes in the form of the WiFi networks, mobile voice/text/data networks, AM/FM radio towers, satellites and various "smart" devices we have in our homes and offices.

Many who are sensitive to radiation have found relief pulling the wireless Network Interface Cards (NICs) out of their "smart" devices around the house, connecting everything via Ethernet and using various other modalities... but the MOST effective solution is to get away from the city entirely, remove any/all “smart” devices that remotely connect to the internet, move to a rural area that has very little/poor mobile coverage and get back to using simple landlines for phone and internet needs.

How can I test for EMF and radiation around me?

To test for radiation, I recommend checking out the various options offered bySafe Living Technologies. The device we sell are standard models that we feel most people can understand and use for this purpose.


Simply put, everything around us emits a frequency and we are all energetic beings. We have in fact known for decades, if not centuries, that specific frequencies will either destroy or heal the various cells in our body. Specific foods or essential oils are known to help heal specific organs and parts of our body because those foods and oils carry with them the same frequencies as the corollary healthy organ or body part. By exposing yourself to those healthy frequencies you are thus helping to heal your body.

The inverse is also true. Prolonged exposure to unhealthy frequencies serve to deteriorate and destroy our organs and body parts. Regularly eating processed junk that mostly carry unhealthy frequencies is no different than standing in front of the microwave or holding your mobile phone against your face for hours on end during the day.

If you MUST have a smart phone, regardless of the SAR value, it is thus wise to:

  • Keep your phone away from your body
  • Use the speaker phone or a wired headset when on calls or listening to music
  • Do not let little kids sit and stare at the screen for extended periods… or really at all