The Ghost Laptop

Tired of Microsoft and Apple living in your desktop/laptop?

Do you dread the constant reminders to update to the new Windows 11 tracking system that will slow down your computer even more while it monitors everything you do?

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After years of dominance within the enterprise server market, Linux adoption for consumers is starting to finally hit hockey stick growth! This is GREAT NEWS, as it means more resources and applications are starting to be spent and built that make this NON-BigTech open source operating system even more attractive and user friendly.

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Did you know MARK37 sells "Ghost" Laptops running Linux in addition to Ghost Phones?

  • Indeed we do! We source mint condition refurbished laptops in 3 standard formats and load the device with a standard easy to use Linux Operating System. View options by clicking on any of the below items:

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  • Do you need a machine with different specs than those of the options we have? No problem! Shoot us an email with the details of what you're looking for and we'll get back to you shortly with what it would cost to source, load and ship you the device you're wanting.

  • Do you have a laptop laying around you don't use? We can also rip Windows off most PC's and load Linux onto the device. In fact, most Macbooks can also be De-Appled if you prefer to keep using your Macbook! Either way, you'll find the machine will likely run MUCH faster without all the spyware and bloatware on the device!

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