Tuned In: Digital Privacy Interviews

Are you seeking an engaging, dynamic, insightful and gregarious guest for your podcast, television or radio show?

Sean Patrick Tario is the CEO, Co-founder and Catalyst of MARK37.com (foundation of the company is built upon Scripture - Mark 3:7-8). He is an inspirational speaker who seeks to empower Americans by training them to protect themselves from BigTech surveillance, monetizing and attempts to cancel and silence Christian and Conservative voices. Sean challenges his audience to take responsibility of their digital lives and to #BoycottBigTech by providing the education, tools, resources, products and services to do so.

Sean is a father, husband, entrepreneur, seed stage investor, author, community organizer and Christ-loving patriot seeking and sharing Truth in Love.  He is the epitome of high-caliber guest that you would want to have on your show!

Sean speaks live and in-person to thousands of people every year through private Digital Privacy Bootcamps and as a guest speaker at various Freedom, Liberty and Prepper related events. He also continuously reaches a much larger audience through various radio and podcast interviews, such as those noted below, each week.


Interested in hosting Sean as a guest on your radio, television show or podcast? - or - Interested in hosting Sean for a Digital Privacy Boot Camp for your group?

Please contact Elizabeth for more information, to set up an interview with Sean, or to schedule a Digital Privacy Boot Camp: goghost@mark37.com

For Digital Privacy Boot Camp requests, please provide the following in your email: (1) Size of your Group (2) Location (3) In Subject Line note: "Digital Privacy Boot Camp - request"