Your Phone is a Deadly Weapon

I firmly believe that the computers (laptops/desktops) and mini-computers (smart phones) we use during the day, and carry around with us nearly all the time, NEED to be viewed as tools that are just as harmful as a firearm could be without proper training.

These devices and the various applications running on them indeed have been designed to be psychological warfare weapons from the very beginning. They monitor everything you say and do, attempt to control your attention and shape how you think all day, every day.

You must understand that these devices are tools that you can choose to master and understand... or the tool will control you.

To put this in proper perspective, would you carry a gun in your pocket without knowing how to properly use and care for it? Would you let your kids or grandkids do the same?! Regardless how you answer this, you sure as heck shouldn't!

Do you see the parallel?

As such, all users should take the time to be just as informed and trained on how these devices work, and how to safely operate them, BEFORE choosing to use or carry them around all day every day.

"I'm technologically slow" is NOT an excuse. "I'm not great with tech" is NOT an excuse either.

If I felt I was not capable of safely operating a firearm and was unable to understand how the thing worked, I certainly should not and would not carry one with me, as I would be a clear danger to both myself and everyone around me.

Regardless of how dependent upon these devices you've become, learning exactly how these devices work so that you can safely protect yourself and those around you must be a priority in your life. If you indeed are dependent on these devices and the applications within them, it should become an even greater priority.