SIM swap attacks have become quite common. If a hacker collects enough information about you, then become comes possible for them to port your phone number to another carrier that they have control of. Once they have control of your phone number they are able to then make use of any accounts set up using your phone number as two-factor-authentication. For any people this means just about everything, banking accounts, email accounts, social media accounts, etc You can see how dangerous a SIM swap can be today.

EFANI was built by people who were personally victims of a SIM swap attack. They have a cell service that makes virtually impossible for a SIM swap to occur. With 11 layers of protection they have 100% protection against SIM swapping.

Statics show 80% of the SIM attacks attempts to get into a phone account are successful. If you think you are at risk of being a target, we highly recommend EFANI cell service.

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America's Most Secure Mobile Service

Efani is a bespoke cybersecurity-focused secure phone service protecting high-risk individuals against mobile hacks. We provide the best in class protection and back with a $5M Insurance Coverage. We’re comparable to your current cellphones plans in terms of coverage & features but comes with additional 11-layers of proprietary authentication protection.

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