About is a friend of Mark37 and shares many of the same goals of as we do. Jeffery Peterson, founder of, is a business associate of Sean Tario, co-founder of Mark37 and both share many of the same ideologies relating to technology & individual freedom. Both being technology entrepreneurs, their fields of focus complement each other with Jeffery primarily being in programming and software development and Sean’s technology path being data center and hardware infrastructure.

We appreciate the vision and effort of to educate the public of open source technologies and warning of the abuses of Big Tech companies and the dangers of using them. runs an active Telegram channel with over 35,000 subscribers dedicated to building awareness of the Linux operating system and free and open source solutions. He also enlightens people how Big Tech has been weaponized against the we the people. He does a great job showing how there are open source alternatives to nearly everything Big Tech has to offer and that open source really can be successfully used to meet your daily computing and software needs.

In short Jeffery is teaching that we no longer need Big Tech in our lives. also offers a subscription based Linux class that meets live via webinar every Saturday. These classes are a great way for individuals new to Linux and the world of open source technologies to learn about the big but rather obscure world of open source software and the more intricate details of Linux operating systems.

If you are interested in increasing your knowledge of Linux and open source technologies we encourage you to try out the Linux for Beginners course offered by


Screen shot from a Saturday Linux for Beginners class.


Screen shot from the LMS student console.

There are currently no products for is an editorial brand that was launched in September, 2021 by life-long technology enthusiast and technology entrepreneur Jeffrey Peterson. The goal of is to raise awareness of Free and Open Source technologies including the Linux and BSD computer Operating Systems. We also aim to encourage under served population segments to get more involved with, and better understand technology.

Established 2021