Liberation Technology Services


LiberationTek is owned and operated by freedom loving America First patriots focused on delivering a wide variety of web hosting and development services for those not wanting to work with BigTech or live in fear that their content will be deplatformed. Although they do not own the data center they are hosted within, the data center provider does share our values and LiberationTek owns and manages all of their own servers within a private suite across multiple locations.

We especially appreciate their HUB for Teams service which provides managed open source alternatives to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Zoom.



Web Hosting: Shared, dedicated and custom hosting solutions provided w/ migration assistance.

HUB for Teams: A truly independent alternative to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Zoom.

Hosted Email: A truly independent email solution hosted on a secure and private network.

Site Builder: A full-featured, drag and drop website builder.

Web Development: Feature-rich, custom websites for any business type and for any purpose.

Streaming Video: Cost effective and robust video streaming


Liberation Technology Services

True Digital Independence

Many companies claim to be an “independent” platform, but in reality most are simply resellers for companies engaging in deplatforming. Liberation is the only U.S. company that offers a truly independent platform. Liberation was founded from the vision of offering organizations a level of security and independence not found elsewhere. We allow businesses to focus on growing their business and remove the stress of being deplatformed.

Established 2017