Make your phone disappear!

This lightweight and durable 13.8" x 11" bag is constructed with only the highest quality materials.

Providing complete and total protection, this Faraday Bag blocks all frequencies, including Wi-Fi, radio, cell phone, EMF and GPS signals, while also protecting the contents within from the elements. Ideal for anyone looking to secure their devices from cyber crime, this Faraday Bag will add an extra layer of protection to your digital lifestyle. Its sleek and stylish design allows for easy transport and storage, making it perfect for travelers who need secure storage for their devices on the go.

Please note, while Faraday Bags do all of the above, they DO NOT prevent a phone from listening and recording a conversation or audio from around the phone. This is the case for all Faraday Bags! Once you remove the phone or device from the bag and the device re-establishes a network connection it can and often does send the audio recorded. This means your conversation about the new TV you want around an iPhone in a Faraday Bag will still result in you getting bombarded by ads for TV's shortly after you pull the phone out of the bag!

Faraday Bag

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