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All the tools and training to exist on and off-line without BigTech harvesting every conversation and data point about your life!

COST = $3,950

Deposit to Secure Your Spot = $500

Within 30 days our team will provide you with:

  • A Ghost Phone
  • A Ghost Tablet or a Ghost Laptop
  • Complete Email / Contacts / Files Migration
  • 1st year of Email services FREE
  • Secure Productivity Apps Training
  • Secure Comms Training
  • Private Online Shopping Training
  • Secure Voice / txt / Data Service Provider (1st month of service FREE)

This journey begins with a private consultation to understand your existing needs. We then become your personal digital security team over the next 30 days, personally coaching you to become aware of exactly how your data is being exploited every day so that you can become an informed user of a few new devices and applications that will help you regain and retain your digital sovereignty.

Unsure if this is the right fit for you?

Schedule a FREE 15 minute Digital Privacy Consultation with our team to find out how best to start your journey toward digital freedom.