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Need Help Escaping Big Tech?

Are you striving to free yourself of the technological net Big Tech has captured so many of us in? The spying and tracking of your everyday movements and activities is unacceptable in a free world. You may have taken the first steps by getting a de-Googled phone and a Linux computer but would like some help with learning and understanding more about your devices or want assistance in becoming even more technologically independent. Maybe you have learned there are many more tools available in the Free and Open Source (FOSS) world but you are just not sure how to put it all together for your use. To help you out we are offering IT services & consultation to help you along on your journey to technological freedom.

There is no reason to be complacent in letting the Big Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and Apple spy on everything you do and say any longer. Reach out to us today and we can set up a time that we can work on plan of getting you completely out of the Big Tech surveillance matrix and fully technologically independent.

If they can do this to him!


They can do this to you!