BigTech Alternatives & Resources

I have been spending time over the past few months traveling the country training groups and individuals on how specifically BigTech (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.) is directly involved with stealing our information on a regular basis. Between the 4 companies just mentioned alone, they make over $1,000,000,000,000 annually (that’s right, One Trillion Dollars… ANNUALLY!) which they in turn use to directly support candidates and causes that we, as Constitutional Conservative Christians, directly oppose.

We must realize that these four companies alone collectively spend orders of magnitude more than nearly every other woke company that we’ve been hearing chants to boycott (Target, Anheuser-Busch, Ben & Jerry’s, etc.) and are far more directly responsible for the censorship and narrative manipulation via their ownership of everything we see and hear through the devices, search tools and applications they directly control… which the majority of Constitutional Conservative Christians still use on a daily basis!

As such, as mentioned above, I have been spending my time trying to teach people that there is another way for us to safely use technology that does not involve the use of ANY of BigTech’s products and services. The answer is open source software and in select circumstances using software that is owned and maintained by individuals who are on the same team and in the same fight we are against BigTech censorship and constant surveillance...

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